To become a Freedom volunteer please complete and submit a volunteer application!

For more information, contact Megan at or (515)282-4822. (We require that volutneers are at least high school age) 

K-12th Grade Programming

Elementary Mentors—Elementary mentors work with kindergarten through 5th grade students once or twice a week during meals, play time, Bible time, and/or small groups, and tutoring.

Tutors—Tutors assist middle or high school students for 1-2 hours per week with homework assignments and literacy, much like a tutor. Ministry staff will assist you with school information and materials to help each student. 

Class Instructors and Assistants—Class instructors prepare and lead group classes for 3-10 middle school or high school students. Classes may encompass things like woodworking, cooking, art, singing, photography, and sports. Classes occur once a week for about 8-10 weeks, and you can lead (or assist) one session or continuous sessions throughout the school year.

Small Group Leaders—Small group leaders facilitate faith-directed conversations with 3-7 middle school or high school students once a week for 1-2 hours, covering topics provided by staff. Small group leaders help youth think about Jesus Christ, their faith, and learning to go to God with problems and celebrations in their lives.

Transportation—Transportation volunteers use one of Freedom for Youth's 15-passenger vans or their own personal vehicles to transport youth to and from Freedom programs.


Employment Training Program (Des Moines Only)

Life Coaches—A life coach establishes and maintains a relationship with one of the young adults enrolled in our programs. The life coach meets with the young adult regularly and provides valuabe insight, encouragement, friendship, and discipleship.

Workshop Instructors and Assistants—Young adults in our employment training program have the opportunity to enroll in free workshops including resume building, professionalism, interviewing, money management, etc. Volunteers can lead (or assist) teaching these workshops.

Job Coach—Job Coach volunteers provide instruction and encouragement to young adults in our employment training program as they work to maintain our facilities at the Des Moines Freedom Center. Young adults receive hands-on training and guidance from Job Coach volunteers. 


Other Opportunities

Administrative—Volunteers can assist Freedom for Youth staff preparing mailings, data entry, and other office-management tasks as needed.

Advisory Board Member—Serve as a representative for a statewide Freedom Center by providing oversight and feedback, helping with fundraising, volunteer recruitment, etc. 

Advocate—Freedom Advocates are a voice to their community on behalf of the ministry. They share about volunteer opportunities, special events, and donation needs at Freedom for Youth within their church, workplace, social organization, and/or school. 

Communications & Marketing—Volunteers gifted in communications, marketing, graphic design, photography, and so forth are vital in communicating the vision of Freedom for Youth Ministries to the public. 

Maintenance Ministry—Skilled volunteers are needed to assist with the routine upkeep of our campuses.

Prayer Warriors—The Freedom for Youth prayer team lifts up and intercedes for the ministry and its students, staff, and volunteers on a regular basis.

Silver Cord Program—High school students participate in MVP4S (Ministry Volunteer Program for Students) with our elementary program to earn Silver Cord hours for high school. 

Ready To Get Involved

I love to work with people who believe that the best way to effect change is to just jump in and do it. Our kids come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, much of which is incredibly unkind. To involve yourself in the life of another and to witness the change God makes as a result of simply caring for these "little ones" is truly life changing. Paul tells us that we, as God's workmanship, were created for good works and as a Freedom volunteer, we just jump in and do it. God receives the glory, the kids find love and respect, and we get to be a part of the thing -- it doesn't get any better than that.