Staff Members

Mark Nelson
Executive Director
Joyce Jones
Office Manager
Brian Patterson
Director of Development and Community Engagement
Bob Short
Senior Ministry Support Manager
David Foster
Director of Employment Training
Jessica Evans
Director of Programming
Rene Blessman
Senior Program Development Manager
Brenton Hanisch
Youth Manager
Faith Posthuma
Youth Manager
Troy Vande Lune
Program Trainer
Kenny Deel
Maintenance Manager
Evan Hoyt
Life Skills Coordinator
Christy Meissner
Knoxville Program Coordinator
Angie Gentry
Knoxville Community Development Coordinator
Mark True
Marketing & Digital Media Manager

Board Members

Trevor Meers, President

Mark Nelson, Executive Director

Michael Lock, Secretary

Dan Keller

Bill Lowe

Sabrina Moe

Chad Tope

Mike Wohlenhaus



Ready To Get Involved

"I like that the volunteers teach us about God and Jesus and help us." - Kella, Student