Discovery is an after-school and summer program for middle school youth to learn and experience the love of Jesus, succeed in school, prepare for future employment, and grow as servant leaders.

Christian volunteers across denominational lines lead each aspect of the program as they build healthy, authentic relationships with the youth that point to Christ. Middle school students develop and grow in their personal faith in Jesus Christ through large group Bible lessons, worship, and small group discussions. Guidance and assistance in schoolwork and academics help the students succeed in school and grow in their confidence. Youth identify their God-given talents and prepare for purposeful future employment through skills classes such as woodworking, drawing, auto body repair, culinary arts, painting, performing arts, and sewing.

Middle school youth also have the opportunity to enroll in classes such as The Way I'm Wired where they learn more about who they are, why God made them, and explore God's unique purpose for their lives. Overall, Discovery engages middle school students to grow in their faith, prepare for the future, and become young leaders in their family, community, and school.

Ready To Get Involved

“I retired in 2015 with the intentions of volunteering in the community, and the Holy Spirit guided me to Freedom for Youth. Here I have been able to use my spiritual and non-spiritual gifts. Freedom for Youth is an answer to MY prayers.” - Bill, Volunteer