Whiz Kidz is an after-school and summer program for elementary children to learn and experience the love of Jesus, build confidence in academics, and grow as young leaders.

Bible time and small groups are the foundations of the program as children learn the truth of God's word, memorize Scripture, and apply it to their lives. Elementary children build confidence through tutoring and educational activities that promote success in school. Students also develop social skills and healthy relationships with peers and adults through structured free time with games, art projects, sports, and conversation.

Whiz Kidz is a highly relational and educational experience for children. Christian volunteers across denominational lines lead each component of the program as they build authentic relationships with elementary children that point to Christ. Students attending program thrive as they gain healthy friendships, grow in their knowledge and confidence, and develop their personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Ready To Get Involved

"I like that the volunteers teach us about God and Jesus and help us." - Kella, Student