Every young person that comes through our door has the opportunity to eat a meal during programming. We depend on volunteers to provide and serve these meals throughout the year. Providing a meal is a great way for families, small groups, friends, and coworkers to meet and practically love the youth attending Freedom for Youth Ministries.

For more information on serving a meal, email info@freedomforyouth.org. See the emails below to contact the Site Director of a specific location for serving a meal.

Carlisle/Hartford: Bob Short - bshort@freedomforyouth.org 

Huxley: Jess Evans - jevans@freedomforyouth.org 

Knoxville: Jess Evans - jevans@freedomforyouth.org 

Mitchellville: Candy Deel - cdeel@freedomforyouth.org

Perry: Jess Evans - jevans@freedomforyouth.org 

Stuart: Angela Burg - aburg@freedomforyouth.org

Winterset: Savana Dorsey - sdorsey@freedomforyouth.org

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“What I like about Freedom is it's a place to learn about God so that you know who made you, who created you and your personality." - Nura, Student